March is here! While you likely know March for being centered around St. Patrick’s Day, another celebratory aspect is included; March is National Craft Month! We at Project Home DIY see every month as National Craft Month, but put a special emphasis on March as a way to put aside extra time for DIYing and kickstart our spring projects. Because topical crafts tend to be the most fun (and allow you to decorate and feel festive!), we’ll be gathering some of the best March DIY crafts you can make right at home.

9 Top March Crafts for St. Patrick’s Day and More

Even if you don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all too intensely, you have to admit the gold and green color scheme is a cheerful and fun one! Finding some seasonal crafts is always fun no matter the holiday, and gives you (and the kids!) something to do as you continue to spend a little extra time at home.

Irish Coffee Mugs

Celebrate the luck of the Irish by creating some custom Irish coffee mugs! For this, you’ll need to scavenge for some mugs at a local thrift store or secondhand shop (or give two mugs you currently own an upgrade). Take a shamrock-shaped sticker, or even a cut-out with some double-sided tape, and place it in the middle of the mug. Using a gold, oil-based paint pen, place small paint dots around the shamrock, slowly making your way outward. You’ll want to keep the dots close together near the stencil/sticker, and make them more sporadic and spread out as you radiate away from it. Once the paint is dry, remove the sticker to see the outlined shape left behind! In order to make the mugs dishwasher safe, allow them to dry for 24 hours and then bake them in the oven for 30–40 minutes.

Seasonal Palette Sign

Have some spare or scrap pallet wood? Turn it into a festive sign! Start by staining the wood to your desired color and allowing it to fully dry. From there, use scissors or a DIY-tool like a Cricut to cut out a short, seasonal word or phrase. Make each letter from a differently-patterned paper; keeping a color theme is essential here! “LUCKY” or “GOOD LUCK,” depending on the length of your wood, are the most common. Use Mod Podge to apply the letters to the sign. Then, add decorative components like stickers, glitter, and string and twine tied into bows. For a more in-depth look at this project, check out a tutorial by Ribbons and Glue here.

Farmhouse Garland

If you know Project Home DIY, you know we adore farmhouse-themed decor, and A Wonderful Thought has an incredible tutorial on a farmhouse-inspired clover garland. Now, some sewing skills are required here, but nothing too difficult. Create a shamrock template out of card stock. Use it as a template for tracing the shape onto your fabric. Then cut around the shamrock shapes while leaving as much room as possible. Line them two shamrock shapes, then pin. Sew them together just inside of the traced line, leaving an opening for the filling. Fill the shamrocks with rice to the desired density. Then sew the shamrock shut and cut away the excess fabric by cutting along the marked line. Lastly, attach the shamrocks evenly on a piece of twine by sewing the tops into the twine itself. Ta-da!

Paper Shamrocks

Paper shamrocks are an easy way to decorate your home with simple seasonal touches. If you’ve got some spare scrapbook paper laying around, you can give it a new home! You’ll want strips of paper in a variety of green, gold, and white patterns. You’ll also need a paper cutter, some scissors, glue dots, and twine. By folding strips in half, you can make paper hearts of varying sizes and layer them, later attaching each heart to make four-leaf clovers! For the full tutorial, check out Hoosier Homemade’s step-by-step instructions

Shamrock Wreath

Who said wreaths don’t fit every season? St. Patrick’s Day wreaths, especially made of shamrocks, are a great way to spruce up your entryway and show off your festive spirit. For a simple wreath, stencil and cut out many paper shamrocks in varying shades of green. Alternatively, you could purchase St. Patrick’s Day foam shapes from your local craft store. You will need a wreath form, which can also be purchased or hand-made using wiring. Arrange the wreath as you see fit, even using our past DIY Welcome Wreath as inspiration, and attach pieces using a hot glue gun. Add a green bow or other embellishments to elevate the project, and then hang it on your door!

Festive Table Runner

Most craft or dollar stores will offer felt shapes to match the seasons; if you come across Shamrock ones on the larger side, purchase a bunch to create a unique table runner! Some of these shamrock shapes may be whole pieces of felt. Other options have cut-out aspects for a more stencil-like shape — an example of which can be seen by clicking here. For whole shamrocks, you’ll want to cut out the middle to create a shamrock outline of felt, or punch holes through the sides. Then, using green ribbon, twine, or something similar, tie them together lengthwise to create a small table runner. This task is simple, allows you to reuse the felt shapes another time, and requires no sewing whatsoever!

Celtic Coasters

Are you a knitter? As the weather gets warmer, making hats and gloves may not be as necessary. Put those handy skills to use by making some seasonal, Celtic-inspired coasters instead! For this project, you’ll knit a long cord with leftover cotton using two needles. Once you have about 4 yards, you’re ready to begin. From there, you can follow the We Are Knitter’s tutorial on an elegant, Irish-inspired coaster made with soft cotton!

Gold Mason Jars

A supply of mason jars is the hallmark of any DIYer; why not use a few for St. Patty’s? Using metallic spray paint, paint the mason jars gold. You can prime them beforehand for a more durable paint job if you so choose. To turn up the festivity, use green acrylic paint to make little shamrocks on the mason jars. It's helpful to do so by making 3 dots of paint and then moving a toothpick through the existing paint to create the stem. Unfortunately, these jars are not for drinking out of, but simply decorative. They are, however, perfect for being filled with flowers, clover plants, or St. Patrick’s Day treats!

St. Patrick’s Day Tree

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that can have a tree! Creating a St. Patrick’s Day tree is an interesting twist on traditional decor used for other holidays. For this project, you can acquire a spindly-looking Charlie Brown tree on your own, but we’d recommend gathering individual long twigs form outside instead. Place a gathering of twigs into a vase, first filling the bottom of the vase with something green or gold. Some options include yellow and green candies, or even dry green peas. Decorate the vase with green ribbon. Then, attach foam shamrocks to the twigs. There are many ways to do so, but the easiest is likely running thin string through a poked hole in the foam and tying them to the “tree.”

Decorate With Project Home DIY

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