Crafting comes with a lot of materials and tools, many of which you’ll struggle to store as you accumulate them. This is especially true if you live in a small space where the organization of craft supplies is paramount. After the holidays is the ideal time to reorganize your craft supplies because you can stow away ribbons, wrapping paper, and other festive features for quite some time (until the next birthday, holiday, or must-do craft project comes up!). Read on to see our Christmas craft supply storage ideas, the best craft organizing furniture, and our favorite organizing tools.

Reorganizing Holiday-Specific Craft Supplies

Holiday-specific craft supplies may fit your non-seasonal projects, but more often than not, they require a home of their own. Christmas craft making supplies can be easily incorporated into existing materials or can be stored separately if you happen to possess a lot of them. Organize ribbon onto a dispenser for easy use next year, and move any embellishments or beads into storage trays. Wrapping paper can be transitioned to wall-mounted gift wrap organizers, and if you happened to hand-knit or crochet a lot of presents this year, move excess yarn into a hanging sweater organizer for simple storage. Lastly, you can organize holiday stickers and gift tags in plastic sleeves designed for storing photos or trading cards! The little slots are clear and perfect for storing flat items that might otherwise get lost before the next holiday season.

Craft Area Organization Ideas

There’s no limit to the different ways craft supplies can be organized. Crafters are creative, and therefore always coming up with new ways to store their items. Here are some of the most popular and common ways to organize a craft room, listed to give your organizational efforts some inspiration!

Versatile Craft Furniture

For smaller spaces, versatile craft furniture can be the solution to creating a hobby desk. Versatile craft furniture refers to multi-function desks, often with foldable sections or craft-specific storage. They typically have drawers, space for ribbon, and some form of paint organization, all meant to accommodate the broad-interest beginner DIYer or someone with many niches!

Functional Craft Furniture

Similar to versatile craft furniture is functional craft furniture. This is storage that still functions as furniture, such as desks with built-in cubes, modular shelves, and storage compartments. It's even better if they're somewhat customizable to fit your storage needs. For example, many have shelves that can be adjusted to be higher, lower, wider, or more narrow. The difference between functional craft furniture and versatile craft furniture is that functional craft furniture may serve a non-craft-related purpose despite the supplies it stores.

Surface Area-Friendly Storage

Some storage solutions are tables, desks, carts, or even craft supply storage cabinets that come with extra surface area. The benefit to these organizers is that you have an extra tabletop to work upon while still maintaining storage space. Drop-leaf components are sometimes a part of these and serve as extra space for when you're mid-project.

Wall & Hanging Craft Organizers

Of course, wall-installed and hanging craft organizers utilize vertical space, which is essential in any home no matter its size. With wall-mounted storage racks, you don't need to find room for any big cabinets or carts (though it may be worth investing in a stool!). You'll be able to see everything you have at a glance with none of the commitment to a large furniture piece. Add bins and smaller storage to whatever you hang and it's sure to be functional. 

Christine’s Favorite Craft Supply Organizers

There’s no such thing as a bad organizational unit, but our family at Project Home DIY certainly has some favorites that have proved more than useful over the years.

Marker Organizer

Starting simple, one of our favorite organizers is a marker holder. These containers are indeed sufficient at organizing markers, but can also hold scissors, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and so on. They're a staple for worktop stations, and come in enough varieties that they can accommodate just about any art supplies. Bonus: they’re especially useful in storing children’s craft supplies, which are typically on the smaller side!

Clear Storage Organizers

Your go-to airtight containers and spare mason jars are versatile, and they're not just for pantry or food use! Utilizing or even upcycling clear storage containers that are plastic or glass is an easy way to put your prettier supplies on display. They're wonderful for small items or narrow tools such as paintbrushes. Using clear storage containers, you'll always know what's inside each container — and they're aesthetically pleasing!

Pegboard Crafting Station

Pegboards are the easiest way to store your items in style, which is why they're such a popular piece. Pegboards are large, typically wooden panels with regularly-spaced holes in them. The holes allow for customizability, accommodating hooks, pegs, and hangable storage organizers. You can even add wooden peg racks to hold spools of thread, ribbon, and tools. Pegboards can be purchased at a hardware store for custom sizes, or you can choose from premade ones at stores such as IKEA. These storage solutions are so common in the crafting space that there are plenty of pegboard-specific storage concepts sure to meet your crafting needs.

Small Item Lazy Susan Spice Rack

There are so many DIY projects that involve tiny items, including but certainly not limited to buttons, nails, beads, pins, and similar. It's easy to drop, spill, and lose these pieces, which is not only inconvenient but can be costly or even pose a choking hazard to children and pets. One of the smartest solutions we've ever seen to this is using a spice rack or standalone lazy susan to store these types of DIY materials! Keep any small pieces in a clear container on a spice rack or lazy susan tray, and see just how easy it can be to move between items, see what you have, and always know when you're running low.

Make Organization Easy With Project Home DIY

While some accumulation of craft supplies is expected after however much time crafting, you can always keep your craft organizational needs to a minimum by subscribing to Project Home DIY! When you subscribe to Project Home DIY, you receive monthly DIY kits with all of the supplies you need to create a handcrafted project. With predetermined materials, there's no need to endure the hassle of running out to the craft store, having to purchase more supplies than your craft requires, and storing extra materials at home. Subscribe today, or check out some of our past projects online — some of which you can still purchase!

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