Frequently Asked Questions

When will my box ship?

Boxes ship between the 1st-5th of each month. We always aim to have boxes shipped by the 1st, although sometimes we may need a little extra buffer time due to weekends and holidays. You will receive tracking information when your box has shipped.

What is the Refund/return policy?

  • Refunds and/or returns are not given based on a customers dislike for the project. It is not possible for us to create a project that will fit absolutely everyone's taste and desires, we are sure you can understand that. Our customers have repeatedly said that once they created the project they were doubtful of they ended up loving it so give it a chance. The best part of our box is the ability to be creative with ease. We suggest you create the project and gift it to a friend or family member or gift them the unfinished project to complete themselves.
  • Subscriptions MUST be canceled before the renewal date! We send out a renewal reminder on the 13th of the month before you are billed to remind you so you have a chance to cancel or skip if desired. Once renewal takes place, we will not refund. Please be mindful of your subscription, as we are taking as many steps to warn you before it renews as we can.  
  • Please inspect your box within 30 days of delivery! We will no replace broken or damaged items after 30 days of delivery.
  • Project Home DIY is NOT held liable for any damaged clothing, furniture, or any other item in your home while using our products. We are not held responsible for your use of these items while crafting/creating in areas where items can get damaged while wearing good clothing.

Broken or missing Item

  • If an item arrives broken during transit or is missing, please email help@projecthomediy.com as soon as possible and we will mail a replacement out to you immediately! Please inspect your box within 30 days of delivery! We will no replace broken or damaged items after 30 days of delivery.

Can I purchase a gift subscription?

  • Yes! We have gift subscriptions available for 3 and 6 month subscriptions. Once purchased they terminate right away and will not renew.

Can I skip or cancel?

  • Absolutely! On the 13th of the month you'll receive an email letting you know your subscription is about to renew. If you choose to skip or cancel you can do so by logging into your account on our website. If you are having trouble logging in or says email not recognized, you need to create an account.
          1. Log in with email you subscribed with
          2. Click Manage Subscription
          3. Click on Subscriptions tab
          4. Scroll down to see skip or cancel options below.
  • You must skip or cancel before your renewal is processed on the 15th. If you skip AFTER your renewal has already processed on the 15th, you will still receive your subscription box the next month as you have paid for it. There are NO refunds after your subscription renews!

My box shipped to the wrong address, now what?

  • Project Home DIY is NOT responsible for customer inputting wrong address during check out or not updating address before package has shipped. Please contact our customer service help@projecthomediy.com and we will assist you from there. There are no refunds given If box is returned to Project Home DIY, customer is responsible for covering shipping cost to ship box to correct address.

When will my subscription renew?

  • Monthly subscriptions are re-billed on the 15th of each month until you skip or cancel your subscription (see above how to skip or cancel). Pre-Paid 3 & 6 Month Subscriptions are billed on the 15th after your last prepaid box has shipped. You will receive a billing reminder 2 days before you are charged for ANY of the subscriptions so there are no surprises!

Will I be notified before I am charged each month?

  • Yes, a renewal reminder is sent via email 2-3 days before you are re-billed so there are no surprises! We don't like being surprised charged either! Double check over the information on the renewal, especially your address if there are any updates needed.

What style of projects can I expect?

  • Our projects are centered around wood, usually always something you can build and finish. Depending on your finish style, determines the overall style of the decor. You can choose to antique it giving it a farmhouse worn look. You can choose to finish with strong bold colors for a more modern look and don't worry, we walk you through both styles as well as tons of finished ideas from our VIP group on each project! Our projects are not set on any specific style (modern, farmhouse, rustic, mid-century) so they match many different decor preferences. Our main goal is to bring you high quality custom home decor for your home.

What if I don't like the project?

  • One fantastic idea is to give it as a gift! Have fun creating it and add it to the gift closet. It will make the perfect last minute gift for anyone and you can be so proud of giving a gift you made. We share sneak peeks of the upcoming project throughout the month so you are able to get a glimpse of the upcoming project and decide then to skip for the month or not.

I can't Log Into My account! Help!

  • If you are having trouble logging into your account it is more than likely because you have not created an account on our website, even though you may have an active subscription and receive emails from us. Please head to this page and click Create Account. Use the email address you subscribed with, verify your account and then come back and log in. If you have additional trouble, please email us help@projecthomediy.com