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DIY Home Decor

-skip the store, delivered to your door-

includes ALL supplies, video tutorial & shipping

--Limited Quantities Available Each Month--

How It Works

What's In A Box?

Our subscription box includes all the supplies & materials needed to make your very own DIY home decor piece each month. Some basic home tools will be needed that aren't included like a screwdriver or tape.

Starter Kit

New subscriptions come with our starter kit, essential tools you will need to complete the projects each month. Expect this package to be in your first subscription box delivery.

What happens after I order?

When you check out you are charged for the box. Subscriptions ship on the 1st of the following month (subscribe in April, box ships in May)

Want a project NOW?

Purchase one of our One Time Boxes. These are non-subscription items that can be purchased anytime and will be sent directly to you right away! No wait, just get creative!

Is this a Subscription?

Yes, each month you will be re-billed on the 15th and your box will ship on the 1st of the next month, until you skip or cancel your subscription. This is easily done on your customer account. You'll receive a billing reminder 2 days before you're charged, so no surprises!


I’ve only gotten one box so far, but am completely hooked. From the time and effort you guys put into each box, the creativity & communication with all of your knock it out of the park! For me, I signed up because my husband is deployed and I needed a crafty distraction! So much fun! Even the anticipation for the next box is fun!!

Krysta Hankle

I love these projects, I have used them myself, given them as gifts when I have something similar already in my home. They are great because they come with everything you need and don't have to buy lots of bits to complete the kit. There are straightforward instructions to follow and even my mum, who is not that crafty, has helped complete some and loved the way they have turned out.

Sammie Adams-Mercer

I never have to go to a craft store again!! It comes to me..... step by step. I scream a bit, every time I see a PH DIY box at my door. I save so much time and funds doing it this way. Who ever thought of this should be wearing a crown all day every day!!!!!! Whoop Whoop

Karen Conway

The projects are something different. I have a cricut as well but I like learning new crafts and developing skills I wouldn't have otherwise tried. The instructions are easy to follow and you get everything so you don't have to search several different stores. This is by far one of my favorite subscriptions.

Lauren Adibyazdi

I love Project Home DIY because it brings me something new a fun to my door each month. There is no planning or list-making to head to the store and get craft supplies. Everything is included in each monthly kit. The instructions are easy to follow, and you can always add your own special touch to make your monthly project a perfect fit in your home. Great for seasoned DIYers or those just starting out!

Sam Snyder

I got my first shipment in June 2020 and I have always wanted to be crafty but never really had a vision of what or even how to do anything. I would call me a crafter wannabe. Usually I come up with a craft and then after much thought I decide it’s better for me to just buy it from someone instead of making it myself. I have went to a craft store multiple times to get everything I needed to do a craft I saw on Pinterest and will then get home to realize I forgot something or it is way more complicated than I thought and never start/finish my craft project. Subscribing to Project Home DIY has enabled me to be able to start and finish a project and it’s a project I never would have figured out how to do or even think about doing on my own, but there I was like a kid at Christmas opening up my box and ready to begin that night. I love that not only do you get all the supplies you need in this box (so I can’t forget anything at the store) but you also get step by step written instructions and links to videos as well! This box is a must have!!!

Maria Riley

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