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Hi, Im Christine!

As a mom of two energetic boys and a former elementary school teacher, I know a thing or two about keeping busy and having fun. That's why I created Project Home DIY, where we make it effortless to unleash your inner artist and create stunning pieces of home decor that will make your home shine! Nobody wants to spend hours in the hobby store with no direction, too many choices and overbuying every single time... follow me I'll help you!  

Our boxes are handcrafted with care and attention to detail. I curate each and every element that goes into our box from scratch. I don't have a store I pop into and just choose things to throw into a box and ship to you, no I start from ground up designing each and every piece. You truly get the most exclusive and unique DIY projects possible You wont find these designs anywhere else!

And the best part? You don’t have to worry about going to the store to buy supplies because we've got you covered! You'll receive everything you need (except household basics) to making beautiful, personalized pieces that you can show off to your friends and family with pride.

We've been around since 2019, even being dubbed the "OG of DIY Decor boxes" Ha! I'll take it because I know the commitment I've sealed up inside every one of the boxes we've sent to date and thats just under 100k! Whoa! So join us today and let's get creative!


Thinking inside the box...

Matt and Christine Glodt launched Project Home DIY (do it yourself) in April 2019; at the time, they sent around 74 boxes a month to subscribers. Today, along with their fulfillment center in Denver, they send approximately 4,000 projects each month – with a whopping $355,000 spent with FedEx and UPS in 2021. Originally, they assembled the boxes in their garage, often enlisting the help of family and friends. Now, they’re in the process of building a huge, new shop...

Project Home DIY: Building a Creativity Business from her Garage

Project Home DIY makes it easy to get started with creative home decor projects. The subscription box service is like the HelloFresh of home decor - shipping a box with everything you need to build an intricate, creative home project. We spoke to founder Christine Glodt on how she built her business from her garage, the community of fans who have kept her going, and how she grew her business 5,000%!

Interview in NYC w/ the Donna Drake Show

So you have this pheniminal company called Project Home DIY...


We have a tiny team of uber dedicated employees that I cherish with all of my heart! We are close knit team spread from one end of the US to the other. I've been told it's pretty amazing the business we've been able to build with the small team we have, and this just goes to show you that they are the best of the best! I hired most of them almost 3 years ago and when I hired them I said "you have to give me TWO YEARS notice if you plan on leaving"... so far, I haven't heard a peep! I call that a win! Just goes to show you...each purchase from PH-DIY supports an American family, in fact several families. We all thank you!



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