The holiday season is here! While DIYers are busy creating handmade presents for their loved ones, you may be stumped on what to get them this holiday season. How do you give a gift to someone who seems to be able to make or do it all? We at Project Home DIY are here to help with the best gifts to give this holiday season, all designed to be DIY friendly.

Gift Idea for a DIYer: DIY Tools and Supplies

Tools and art supplies are the foundation of any DIYer’s passion, and the hallmark of a great gift. If you don’t DIY, don’t worry; here’s a list of supplies that every DIYer could always use. You may even find it useful to grab a few and put them all in a DIY gift box!

Latex Paints

You can never have enough paint! Latex paints come in a huge variety of colors, and give DIYers the ability to turn any piece into a masterpiece. It’s easy to run low on certain colors, so find out which ones your DIYer uses the most, and help them restock! The flat finish gives each project that desired chalk paint look that everyone loves. Clarks & Kennsington Paints from Ace is our recommended top brand of Latex Paints. 

X-acto Knife 

X-acto knifes are so versatile to use on almost every project done by any crafter. The sharp blade is unmatched to any scissor or other cutting tool out there. The sharp tip allows you to reach those tight corners making precision cuts every time. 

Scrapbooking Supplies

Paper, stickers, photo corners, ribbon, you name it — scrapbooking supplies are always in high demand. Scrapbooking is a way to document life, and may be used for sentimental value or for gifting. Not only that, but scrapbooking supplies tend to be those that can be used in other projects as well, meaning that your gift will certainly be appreciated in one way or another! Here is a great starter kit.

Push-and-Hang Picture Hanging Tool

The Push & Hang picture hanging tool allows users to put two nails in the wall at the exact same time, keeping them level and even. No other tools are needed to hang something! A Push & Hang means putting away the tape measures, levels, drills, and even hammers, all in favor of one simple tool.

Stud Finder

Stud finders locate the load-bearing pieces of wood behind the wall for hanging heavier works of art or installed pieces. They’re an absolute must in the homes of DIYers; after all, how else would they hang up their finished products? Stud finders are a thoughtful gift that shows you’ve thought about your DIYer’s entire creative process.

Liquid Chalk Markers

The chalk look has been a long-standing part of DIY culture, most notably in farmhouse-style decor. Unfortunately, chalk is notoriously difficult to work with. It’s messy, smears easily, and generally does not allow for the same level of precision as other tools. Liquid chalk markers take out all of the hassle of using chalk, allowing your DIYer to create warm, homey looks with ease.

Cutting Mat

Self-healing cutting mats are extremely versatile. They offer both a placemat and workstation, as well as protection to underlying surfaces of furniture. Moreover, they can preserve the blade life of whatever cutting tools are being used.

Envelope Stencil

DIYers tend to favor perfection, and even mailing out cards require precision! Some DIYers also sell their products and goods on online platforms, and may find the stencil useful for mailing out customers’ orders.

Hot Glue Gun

It’s likely that the crafter in your life already has a hot glue gun, but how long have they had it for? Many of us purchase a hot glue gun once and continue to use a low-quality version for the remainder of our crafting years, never realizing just how much easier these tasks can become with a good one! Purchase a nice hot glue gun for the DIYer in your life; it’s the gift they didn’t know they needed and are sure to love. Not to worry though, Project Home DIY subscribers receive this tool in their very first box!

Gift Idea for a DIYer: Helpful DIY Crafting Machines

Crafting can take a toll on one’s hands, and while handmade is the priority, a little help from machines can make a world of a difference to DIYers.

Die-Cut Machine

A die-cut or die-cutting machine is used to cut shapes out of cardstock or paper. Dies are thin metal shapes, and you can buy them in just about any shape imaginable, from circles to animals and everything in between. The machine uses rollers and cutting plates to push a die with precise outlines against the material, creating a perfectly-cut shape.

Cricut Machine

Similar to a die-cut machine is a Cricut machine. Cricut machines are machines designed to cut several different materials. This of course includes things such as paper and cardstock, but some machines even cut wood, leather, fabric, and more. Cricut machines make any creative project easier to do and more polished once finished.

Sewing Machine

Once the DIYer in your life moves on to bigger projects, hand sewing can become tedious. A sewing machine makes any fabric-related project way simpler. They won’t be able to thank you enough for all of the time (and painful needle-pushing!) you’ve saved them from.

A Gift Idea for a DIYer: Crafting and Modeling Kits

Kits are gifts that contain starter materials for a variety of projects. They’re a special type of present because they give an experience, and don’t require outside materials (for the most part). This means that even if your DIYer has never done a certain project before, they’ll be capable of doing something new and crafty without the commitment to a new set of crafting materials!

Macrame Kit

Macrame is extremely popular right now. Originally used primarily for hanging outdoor planters, macrame decor is now a statement piece in homes both for hanging plants and for making unique art of its own. Whether the traditional boho type or a lover of modernity, any DIYer can find a space in their home for a macrame piece.

Tie-Dye Kit

2020 saw the resurgence of tie-dye as a wardrobe staple. Trying to acquire all of the dyes, bottles, and miscellaneous supplies such as rubber bands needed for tie-dying can be tedious though. A tie-dye kit offers all you could need and more in one convenient set. 

Glass Bottle Cutter Kit

DIY projects often require the use of up-cycling old bottles. Glass bottles, when repurposed, offer beautiful decor. However, cutting them can prove to be a hassle, and a dangerous one at that. Glass bottle cutting kits 

Screen Printing Kit

Whether a beginner to screen printing or a professional, screen printing kits are an all-in-on way to create canvases, posters, artwork, printed textiles, and innovative fabrics. Custom clothing and products are no problem with a screen printing kit, and there are kits for every technique: cyanotype, sun-developing dyes, photo printing, and traditional screen printing.

Crochet Pattern Kit

The ability to crochet comes with a million craft possibilities, and also allows those a little more handy to create custom gifts or marketable products. There are many types of fabric, though yarn and wool are most common, and kits range from beginner to pro levels. 

Metal Model Building Kit

Metal model building kits allow you to put together metal pieces to create a piece of art. They come with the pieces necessary to assemble a singular object, usually a vehicle. These kits are a hands-on way to add unique decor pieces to your home, making them a good gift for DIYers.

Gel Printing Kit

Gel printing kits are for creating individualized, one-of-a-kind prints. They’re multifaceted, allowing for unique card-marking, journaling, scrapbooking, or home decor creation. Kits include printing plates, printing inks, and the tools necessary for making something beautiful!

Learn to Knit Kit

In the same vein of crocheting is knitting. Knitting is better for making clothing pieces such as baby garments, hats, mittens, socks, and shawls, as well as for thrown blankets. However, knitting is a tad more difficult, and requires a row of live stitches as opposed to crochet’s one live stitch. Knitting kits come in beginner versions, and an especially handy DIYer might prefer that to crocheting!

Glass Etching Kit

Glass etching is a timeless art, turning any glassware into a personal piece in mere minutes. Glass etching starter kits contain etching cream, etching stencils, and stencil applicator sticks. There are also engraving tool kits, which perform a similar action on a bigger, more advanced scale.

Calligraphy Workbook

Calligraphy and hand lettering have taken over the DIY aesthetic realm, and for good reason! This beautiful script adds a personal, elegant touch to any project, whether an art piece or simply designing a letter. Calligraphy workbooks have practice sheets and how-to guides, giving your DIY lover the chance to practice their hand at it — literally!

A Gift Idea for a DIYer: Sentimental Items and DIY Gifts

Showing the DIYer in your life that they’re special to you doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are some more personal items that you can gift.

iPhone Stand and Ring Light

Many DIYers film themselves making products, aim to make educational how-tos, or start YouTube crafting channels. A phone stand and accompanying ring light provide a great filming setup for anyone hoping to film their DIY process.

Mini Photo Studio

A mini photo studio, often referred to as a portable lightbox, is another way DIYers can showcase what they’ve made. These are especially ideal for DIYers who sell their products online. The mini photo studio offers a reflective white interior for stunning product photography, helping anyone sell their handmade crafts more easily!

Storage and Organizers

Storage containers and organizers may not feel sentimental, but they are! To pick out the perfect storage unit or organizer, you need to have an understanding of someone’s crafting or workspace. You can even take the time to personalize it, adding decorations, color, and more to match the personality of whomever you’re gifting to.

A Learning Platform Subscription

During such a unique time in history, more people than ever are finding themselves at home. Luckily, the internet offers plenty of platforms for filling our time. DIYers are notorious for always seeking new things to learn or do, and a learning platform subscription to a company like SkillShare is the perfect present.

A DIY Project of Your Own!

DIYers know how much work and effort goes into a DIY project. With that in mind, someone who values crafting would absolutely love a handmade gift from you. These presents may take a little more planning and effort, but they’re always worth it!

The Best Gift of All: A Project Home DIY Subscription

While you can certainly stuff your favorite DIYer’s stocking with supplies and tools, a subscription to Project Home DIY might just be more easy and fun for both of you! Project Home DIY offers a monthly subscription box delivered right to your door. Each box is full of everything you need to complete this month’s project, a hand-selected DIY design that matches the current season. With many various lockdowns continuing through the holiday season, many of us are asking, “Will DIY stores be open?” — a question you can avoid by having DIY material delivered to your door. Subscribe on behalf of your loved one today, and show the DIYer you love just how much you care.

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