Nearly a year into a pandemic, families are still cooped up at home. Distance learning and lack of extracurriculars have many parents struggling to keep kids occupied all day — and possibly in need of some activity inspo! 

Fun Craft DIYs for Children and Teens

Involving your kids in DIY is beneficial for so many reasons. Getting crafty and creative are skills that translate to many areas of life. Learning how to repurpose items for those beyond their intended use is essential, and DIY projects require an array of useful skills. The issue many parents face is that children’s DIY projects either get old quickly or aren’t as engaging as we’d like. Kids need something really cool to work on, and it’s always rewarding when the final result is something they’re proud of. Here are some genuinely fun craft DIYs for children and teens, most of which can be adapted to be age-appropriate!

Tie Dye Techniques

Tie dye has been around for ages, but its recent resurgence makes it the perfect complement to any project. Spend a day gathering old white or lightly-colored clothing that’s in need of a refresh, and teach your kids some classic tie-dye techniques. You can also turn any piece of fabric into a tie-dye masterpiece, including sheets, bandanas, or tapestries. Tie-dying is a ton of fun, allows kids to get creative in their expression, and helps upcycle old clothing — avoiding the necessity to buy new items!

Inspiration or Photo Board

Everyone in the house been glued to their phones lately? It’s hard to avoid the hustle and bustle of the online world, but making an inspiration or photo board can help. Take a piece of plywood or a picture frame and attach strings across it both horizontally and vertically. (For plywood, this can be done by hammering small nails along the border. For frames, you can glue the string ends to the back of the frame.) Then, gather magazines, newspapers, photos, and more to hang on the board. Let your kids cut out any words or photos that inspire them. You may even want to acquire a polaroid camera, and let them have a photoshoot or take pictures of things around the house!

At-Home Temporary Tattoos

With a purchase of printable temporary tattoo paper, you and your kids can make any design come to life! Make designs in any at-home computer software. Reverse the imagery before printing, and then print them onto the glossy side of the white sheet of printable temporary tattoo paper. Once printed, apply the adhesive sheet to the printed sheet and ensure application by running a credit card or similar over it. Then all you have to do is cut out the designs and apply as you would any other temporary tattoo!

String Art and Wall Hangings

String art and wall hangings take quite a bit of hands-on work, but it’s the type of DIY project that’s easy to get lost in. By helping your child or teen set up the basis for a yarn or string project, you’ll give them something to do that also functions as art. They’re very rewarding pieces, and materials and colors can be chosen to match their room! An alternate to both is weaving kits, where you build an adjustable loom. Weaving might be a bit easier on younger children as the over-under repetitiveness is simple to catch onto! For inspiration, check out this article by A Piece of Rainbow on repurposing old t-shirts into a t-shirt rug.

Sugar Scrubs and Bath Bombs

Sugar-based body scrubs and bath bombs are must-haves for spa nights. Body scrubs help exfoliate the skin, while bath bombs can be placed in bathwater for a colorful twist. By creating your own bath items, you can have healthier alternatives with only ingredients you choose — especially great for anyone with sensitive skin. Make these on a Friday and then spend a weekend night doing self-care! It’s the perfect way to keep the kids occupied for a night as well as teach the importance of self-love. Check out these awesome articles by Fabulessly Frugal for making your own scrubs or bath bombs.

Crayon Art

Have older children, and possibly a box of untouched crayons laying around? Crayons are an art material most of us discard as we get older. Using up your old crayons doesn’t have to involve drawing with them, but instead melting them! Crayon art involves glueing crayons onto a sheet of strong paper of (preferably) a canvas, and melting them with a hair dryer. As the wax melts, it dribbles and splatters across the page to make incredible art. A quick search for “melted crayon art” on Pinterest will yield you an unlimited array of ideas from monogrammed wall art to melted-crayon city skylines.

Homemade Scrunchies

Scrunchies are all the rage among children and teens right now, which is why they’re the ideal DIY for kids. These trendy hair pieces can be quite expensive if bought in-store, especially those made of specialty fabrics like velvet. Making your own at home is not only economical, but a ton of fun and allows for endless imagination. A Little Craft in Your Day has an article on how to make your own scrunchies using a sewing machine, but it’s just as possible to make them by hand should you choose to do so.

Letter Board

Making a DIY letter board is a great customizable option for any age. Letter boards are framed felt boards that allow you to add plastic lettering, and Treasures and Travels has the simplest DIY letter board instructions for making one of your own. Letter boards allow children to express themselves with versatility, and update it daily as they see fit. You might even find it helpful for at-home schooling, allowing kids to note the day’s schedule, what they’re currently working on, or how they’re feeling.

Involve Your Kids and Teens in Project Home DIY

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