Whether it's kids, pets, work, or taking care of your home, every DIYer knows that finding time to DIY can be, well, tough! We live awfully busy lives and like with any other hobby, DIY can easily be pushed to the back-burner without enough planning. But, with all of the extra free time quarantine has yielded us, it only makes sense to put it towards crafting! There’s certainly a difference between finding time and making time, and to be honest, DIYing might be something you need to make time for. Here’s some tips for how to make it happen.

Make a List

The first step to make time for the DIY projects at the top of your to-do list is creating a list of all the projects you want to complete. Feel free to dream big! Some DIYers suggest revising the list after making it to cross off the most unrealistic projects, but personally, we at Project Home DIY disagree. While certain DIY tasks might seem unfeasible in the moment, due to time, finances, DIY skill level, or otherwise, you never know when things will change. (Though it may be helpful to sort them from easiest to hardest.) Hang the list in your craft room or somewhere where you can see it each day — it will encourage motivation! Having a list makes sure that you’re always reminded of all it is you want to accomplish, which allows you to prioritize it. Feel free to add things as time goes on, whether they’re purely craft projects or DIY fixes around the house.

Wake Up Earlier

Okay, okay, we know — no one wants to wake up earlier. With that said, starting your day just an hour earlier can give you all the time for DIY projects! While you don’t need to DIY first thing in the morning, that early hour while everyone else is still asleep is the ideal time to make to-do lists, gather and prepare supplies, and review crafting steps. By getting in the legwork before your day has truly begun, you’ll be more ready to grind through a DIY project when you do sit down to do one.

Reduce & Restructure Your Schedule

Reducing and restructuring your schedule can help make time for DIY projects. For all of us, there exist things that can be removed from our schedules. Maybe it’s possible to clean certain rooms of the house just once per week instead of twice, or switch to online grocery shopping to save yourself a few hours. As for restructuring, you’ll want to block off dates or times for DIYing. By officially scheduling them, it’s something you have to plan around and can’t skip out on. Don’t forget you can invite a friend along, or complete DIY projects with a roommate or significant other — doing so combines bonding and craft time!

Start Delegating

Speaking of schedules, there’s no need to do everything yourself! It can feel like housework and chores are overwhelming, oftentimes because we’re so used to doing them alone. Work with your partner and kids to reassign tasks every few weeks or months, and adjust your schedules to fit everyone’s needs. When doing so, note that time for DIY projects is a priority for you — crafting is the “me” time essential for your mental wellbeing and stress relief! By delegating out household tasks, you’ll make sure everyone has a better balance of work and play time, including yourself!

Organize Your Project & Do Your Research

Half of doing a DIY project is planning, even if that’s not always the most fun part! Making sure you have all of the materials ahead of time is essential, and you can even do the prep work for a project beforehand. For instance, if a project calls for multiple pieces of 12” ribbon, why not cut them ahead of time? Doing so allows you to jump right in when it comes to the “real” crafting. It can also be helpful to print out directions, highlight good stopping points, and make estimates on how long each task might take you.

Work With the Kids

DIYing isn’t something to do alone, and it’s so much more fun when it’s shared. Sometimes, as parents, it can feel like DIY crafts are our time away from the kids when really, we should be asking for their participation! Combine schedules with your kiddos to keep everyone in the house busy; you may just be surprised by the talent and creativity your kids bring to the table. Give them their own kid-friendly DIY crafts to complete alongside, or complete projects by having them help with smaller tasks.

Learn to Multitask

Multitasking always helps get more done, whether that means multitasking so you have time for DIY projects or multitasking while you DIY. If you haven’t called a family member in a while, do so while you’re folding laundry, preparing a meal, or dusting the house. Of course, multitasking doesn’t always mean doing two productive things simultaneously. While it’s great to do two productive chores at once — like cleaning the kitchen and feeding the kids simultaneously — you’ll likely get burned out. Incorporating fun stuff, like listening to that podcast you’ve been meaning to start, chatting with someone you love, or catching up on a TV episode, while you do your chores is a good way to make sure you have energy all day and give you the motivation to put DIYing in your schedule.

Avoid Social Media

We’ve all fallen victim to it: social media. For some reason, reading a book for 15 minutes feels like a lifetime while hours can go by on social media in the blink of an eye! Refocus your free time for DIY projects, such as the aforementioned prep work, when you do have a few spare minutes instead of opting for your fav mobile platforms. If downing your screen time seems like too much, don’t forget that you can even use that time on social media for DIY purposes, like looking up inspiration, how-tos, and more.

Project Home DIY

Ultimately, you don’t just find time for DIYing — you make it! When you’re struggling to find DIY time though, Project Home DIY is here to help. Project Home DIY keeps DIY simple so you can always make a DIY craft fit into your monthly freetime. We give you all of the supplies necessary to make a project each month, so you don’t need to worry about any prep work. Everything is included in each monthly subscription package, including detailed instructions broken down step by step! Making time for DIY projects allows you to learn new skills, get crafty, express yourself, and feel relaxed. Embrace a little extra DIY time for yourself by subscribing to Project Home DIY today, or shop our one-time boxes now!


  • Karen Ryan

    Would love to get more ideas and more crafty things to do!

  • Kathy Lundin

    These are such great tips!!! It’s so true that life gets in the way, and I’ve never really thought about making time for crafting but you hit the nail on the head. Making the time for me to relax and unwind is so important and necessary if I want to keep doing what I’m doing for everyone else. It clears my head, relaxes me and puts me in a much better frame of mind. I am going to do this 100% going forward. Thank you for the reminder!!!! Project Home DIY is the best!! I love everything about it! :-)

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