5 Signs You Need a DIY Subscription Service

5 Signs You Need a DIY Subscription Service

It goes without saying that we at Project Home DIY don't just love subscription DIY boxes, but see them as a necessity! 

First: what is a DIY subscription service? A DIY subscription service is one that delivers DIY subscription boxes. DIY subscription boxes are monthly boxes delivered right to your door. In them, you'll find all of the materials for a specific DIY project plus a how-to guide on putting it together. For many of our Project Home DIY members, a new box arriving is the best part of the month. 

If you've been on the fence about trying a subscription DIY service, Project Home DIY is a great one to choose — just look at all of our past projects! Not sure about if a DIY subscription is right for you? We get it! Luckily, we know the signs of someone who needs a little more DIY in their life. Read on to see five signs you're in need of a DIY subscription service.

1. Your Craft Room Is Cluttered

A cluttered craft room is a sure sign that it’s time to switch to subscription DIY boxes. When you gather materials for a bunch of projects yourself, you end up with loose ends and leftovers that clutter your space. A DIY subscription service is more cost-effective and less wasteful. Everything you need is included, plus nothing you don’t. We know how it feels to save that piece of ribbon or scrap of paper on the off-chance you may need it (you never know!), but ultimately, this leads to messy craft spaces.

(Don’t forget that we’ve posted some tips on staying organized. While they’re for post-holidays, there always seems to be a holiday cluttering the craft room for us DIYers!)

2. You Haven’t Gotten Around to Those Dream DIY Projects

Have a list of projects you’ve been meaning to make? When the only person running a DIY project is you, it’s easy for things to fall to the wayside. You're not alone; we've fallen victim to saying, "I'll do it next month!" ourselves too. Of course, you could find a way to make more time for DIY projects...but an easier option? Just subscribing to a DIY project box! Project Home DIY’s schedule makes it easy to know when it’s crafting time — once a month! It's certainly harder to let projects pile up when you know you've got another coming in just a few short weeks, and you're more likely to set aside time to DIY.

3. Your Projects Don’t Match Your Skill Level

Swinging back and forth between projects that are way too easy for you and those that are so hard you don’t enjoy them (or, don’t finish them)? Project Home DIY’s monthly subscription is the best of both worlds, offering projects that broaden your DIY skill set. However, every project comes with easy-to-read instructions, and our Project Home DIY YouTube channel has step-by-step instructional videos each month. Because we pick out the projects for you, you can rest assured that they'll always be at just the right skill level.

4. You Want Projects of a Specific Style

It happens to the best of us; a long Pinterest binge leaves us with plenty of possible DIYs but none that would quite “fit” our aesthetic. Because DIY is such a vast community, there are projects for everyone out there — and sifting through them is quite a feat. The hunt for the perfect project to fill that empty shelf or display wall doesn't have to be tedious, though! Our projects are centered around a farmhouse decor style. If that's your thing, then you're certainly in luck. Our projects often incorporate neutral tones, diverse textiles, natural woods, and that oh-so-cozy feeling. Plus, every box comes with plenty of ways to arrange project pieces, or often with alternatives included! That means you can make every project your own with flair specific to you.

5. You Value Convenience

Between all the directions life pulls us, sometimes stopping by the craft store feels out of reach. We'll be honest: crafting is ten times easier when everything is prepped for you. Convenience is so big for many of us with busy lives, but that doesn’t mean that DIYing shouldn’t be possible. Project Home DIY delivers crafts right to your doorstep — literally! If you love DIYing but aren't sure about the time commitment it takes to hit up a craft supplier and cut supplies yourself, there's truly nothing better than a DIY subscription box. 

Subscribe to Project Home DIY’s Monthly DIY Box

Project Home DIY makes it easy to DIY each and every month. With every project, you'll see your DIY skill set grow as you learn how to stain, decoupage, construct, and more! New subscribers also receive a bag of crafting essentials for completing projects, complementary and of no charge. Try out the best DIY subscription service available now by subscribing on our site, or check out past craft boxes that are still available for purchase.

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