How To Achieve a DIY Farmhouse Decor Style

How To Achieve a DIY Farmhouse Decor Style

Galvanized metals, neutral tones, and weathered wood — have you heard of farmhouse style decor? You’ve likely seen this style around whether you were familiar with the term or not. Farmhouse decor is extremely popular, and took the interior design world by storm a few years ago. Like with any other popular interior design, DIYers of course took it upon themselves to begin creating their own farmhouse decor. From hand-designed projects to elevating everyday objects, the farmhouse look has been transformed by DIYers.

You may be wondering: what is farmhouse style? Farmhouse-style decor can be exactly what it sounds like. It combines aspects of rustic and industrial styles with a warm, cozy, and relaxing vibe. The style isn't quite as literal as its name would imply — and there's no need to embrace a farm animal theme (unless you're into that!). It's instead inspired by the idea of farm life, bringing in reclaimed woods, antique glass, and warm white elements. It's a very texture-heavy aesthetic, and accomplishing a well-rounded farmhouse style includes adding wood, metal, glass, leather, and woven aspects. Generally speaking, the look is charming and full of character. Best of all, farmhouse style (due to its origin in a busy, outdoorsy lifestyle) has a focus on practicality!

Farmhouse Decor Require Balance

As we mentioned, farmhouse decor doesn't mean going all out with a farm theme. While many of us may remember the rooster-patterned wallpaper and chicken-themed kitchens of the 80s, you can rest assured that farmhouse decor is far more artistic than that. This style takes a careful balance to avoid country kitchiness, usually adding an equal amount of vintage and newage pieces. Farmhouse decor should come naturally, and that's what gives it a welcoming feel.

Farmhouse style is inspired by rustic pieces but still has a modern and urban edge. While it is made of reclaimed wood and metal signage, these pieces are sprinkled among more crisp elements like monotone decor and minimalistic furniture. Farmhouse decor works best in homes that are monotone, and most farmhouse-style rooms are open, airy, and white. Choosing spaces like these for farmhouse elements is perfect because the neutrality gives each unique piece the space to breathe.

Why Farmhouse Decor Is So Popular

If you were to ask us at Project Home DIY, it’s because it’s such a fashionable and cute way to decorate your home! Of course, there are more reasons than that.

For one, farmhouse style's functionality makes it ideal for busy households, especially if you have kids. The practicality puts an emphasis on organization, like using handwoven or metal baskets and open shelving. The weathered woods and galvanized metals make it totally ok for a kiddo to chip a table, dent a basket, or scratch the furniture — it only adds to the look!

To further this concept, a lot of people like the farmhouse style because it’s easy to implement and simple to achieve. Farmhouse decor is always evolving, which means you can put your own spin on it and only adopt it as much as you want it too. There’s no necessity to have brand-new items or matching decor, which takes pressure off of having a "perfect" room in an age of otherwise Instagrammable homes. (In fact, farmhouse homes are Instagrammable because of their imperfect perfection!) Apartment-dwellers also like that the look fits in well with all-white spaces, which is typically the case of rented homes.

Best of all, farmhouse decor can be found anywhere. Its popularity has made it easier to acquire key pieces for completing your home's country-inspired look. It isn't a necessarily expensive style, and can be fostered from low-cost antique pieces you pick up along your travels. Some houses even have a farmhouse vibe without trying! A brick wall, shiplap overlay, or an exposed wooden beam can all lend a hand toward that cozy, farmhouse feel.

How You Can Add Farmhouse Decor

If adding a farmhouse aesthetic to your house is a goal, we've got good news — it's easy to do so! Farmhouse decor comes in so many fashions, and if you look around, you'll find it everywhere. Most people start by searching second-hand stores and flea markets for vintage pieces and old antiques. Having a few genuinely old pieces can ground your home and give it a feeling of authenticity. Of course, it's more than possible to create a farmhouse style by building everything yourself or even purchasing things new. There are plenty of purchasable brands that have embraced this look, the most popular of which is likely the Target Hearth & Hand™ With Magnolia collection by Texan Joanna Gains of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

Decorate in Farmhouse Style With Project Home DIY

As you can tell, so many of Project Home DIY's projects are farmhouse-inspired. We believe the aesthetic is what keeps our DIY projects so homey and fresh! While farmhouse decor can have a distinct vibe, the best thing about it is its ability to match any home style. Whether you've got modern vibes or a boho eclectic, the practicality and neutral tones of farmhouse-inspired decor make it easy to incorporate these projects into any part of your home — and the most fun way to do so is through Project Home DIY!

When you sign up with Project Home DIY, you get a new DIY project delivered right to your doorstep every month. Each box contains all of the materials to build a DIY decoration for your abode, and every project is inspired by that homey, farmhouse look. No matter your home's style, subscribing to Project Home DIY gives you the chance to have a lot of fun while you handcraft something new to elevate your aesthetic! Sign up today to start receiving monthly DIY projects, or purchase some of our past one-time boxes by clicking here

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