How to DIY: Get Started With DIYing

How to DIY: Get Started With DIYing

Those new to DIY often have a great question: “Where do I even begin?

It makes sense! When we log onto our digital DIY world of choice, whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, or this very blog, and we’re flooded with images and posts from hundreds of people who seem like DIY pros. They’re refining their kids’ closets with innovative organizers, reupholstering pieces of furniture to flip them, or redoing their guest bathroom for the fourth time. Surrounded by these seasoned DIYers, it can be easy to feel like you don’t know where to start.

Here are our tips for beginning your DIY adventure, and how a DIY subscription service might be able to help.

1. Start Small

It’s always best to start small when you’re a beginner DIYer. Pick projects that are small and relatively inexpensive. When we say small, we tend to mean projects you could complete in a day or less.

Smaller projects are phenomenal for a few reasons. For one, they help build your confidence as a DIYer and give you the DIY skills necessary to scale up in projects as you learn. Additionally, small DIYs can help you refine your DIY style and taste. It really would be quite a shame to build out a huge DIY project only to realize months later that you dislike the color or aesthetic! Start small, find what you like, and go from there. Best of all, if a project happens to go awry, you’re not out too much time or money.

2. Accept Failure

There's a big misconception that every DIY project will go smoothly...but anyone who has DIYed for a while will tell you that's definitely not the case! 

Not everything you make is going to be perfect, and it’s best to know (and accept) that now! In fact, that’s part of DIY’s charm: it’s always imperfect. Whether it’s nailing something together wrong or spilling wood stain and dealing with concentrated dark splotches, everything you build will have mishaps along the way. Learning to work alongside your mistakes and turn them into part of the project is a skill in itself, and every pro-DIYer has their fair share of projects that ended up needing a transformation (or a taking to the trash!). Remember that everything you build can be fixed, replaced, or, at worst, accepted for what it is!

3. Search the Web

When it comes to DIYing, there's no need to go at it alone. We aren't the first to DIY projects, and certainly won't be the last! Luckily, there is one place to find the past, present, and future of DIY: the internet!

Inspiration is out there, and all you need to find it is our trusty ol’ pal Google. Whether you’re looking for ideas, or you have one but don’t know where to begin, the internet is near-always going to have an answer for you. For tutorials, YouTube is most likely where you’ll need to go. You can find how-tos for doing anything on there. Seriously. Anything. Don’t be afraid to embrace that you’re a beginner, and tack on phrases like “for beginners” to the end of your search query. The internet won’t judge your newness, and it’ll help find projects better suited to your skill level.

4. (Re)discover Your Passions

The best way to dive in deep with DIYing is to find something you're passionate about. With so many different avenues of crafting, digging into your past passions can help guide your DIY decisions.

Was there a project you used to love making in the past? Maybe as a kid you were particularly into sewing or painting? Were there skills you happened to have a knack for, like those sewing skills you gained in home ec? Revive them as you begin your DIY journey! You can find projects that fit your current skill set, or just look for things that match your hobbies, interests, and favorite pastimes. 

5. Sign Up With Project Home DIY’s DIY Subscription Service

Sometimes the easiest way to get started with DIY is having the guidance of someone who’s a little more experienced — and that’s where we come in! Project Home DIY is run by passionate DIYers hoping to spread the fun that is decorating your home with handmade projects. 

When you subscribe to Project Home DIY, you get one subscription DIY box delivered right to your doorstep every month. Each box comes with all of the supplies you need to create one handcrafted decor item in the farmhouse decor style. You can even visit our site to see past monthly boxes and purchase one-time projects. All new subscribers receive a complimentary starter tool kit alongside their first box, and of course gain access to our subscriber-only social groups! Subscribe today to kickstart your DIY journey, and keep up with our blog for more DIY tips and advice!

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