6 Tips to Update Your Mantel

6 Tips to Update Your Mantel

As the holidays and seasons change, it's always fun to update your mantel. Changing things up is a great away to brighten things up and keep your home feeling comfortable and cozy all year long!

6 tips for updating your mantel

Here are 6 tips to give you the perfect formula to update your mantel:

1. Use a large piece in or near the center.

This could be a framed piece or a mirror. All of your smaller pieces will be anchored from here.

2. Create some height.

Use candlesticks, tall plants, or vases to give your mantel some height.

3. It doesn't have to be symmetrical.

In decor design an odd number is preferable! It's ok to not have everything equal. An odd number of pieces is great and can give character to your home.

4. Create a balance of space.

Try using a vase on one side and maybe 2 candlesticks on the other side that take up the same amount of space. Balanced but not the exact same visually.


5. Give your mantel some depth.

Layer flat pieces like artwork, frames, and mirrors in front of each other. The layering effect adds depth to your mantel and keeps it interesting.

6. Include some life or natural elements.

Use greenery or elements from the outdoors like leaves, natural grasses, and flowers, etc.

If you follow these 6 steps, you'll easily be able to change out your decor for the seasons and update your mantel in a way that will look professional and on trend.

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  • Jean Ann Kleminsky

    Great ideas. Used them on my mantel and got to complements already

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