What's Inside?

We're so glad you asked! 

How about a mix of clean, purposeful, modern, floral, boho, rustic & farmhouse? Now that I have your attention...our boxes will be a bit of all styles to fit every interior around! 

You see all of those fun home decor projects online, the refinishing techniques that use different products and know the exact place in your home you'd put your decor, but you just don't know where to get started... Project Home DIY does it all for you! Home Decor DIY projects delivered right to your door each month with every tool and supply you'll need to complete that project!  Personalize each project, adding your own touches along the way to match your exact decor in your home.

An exciting surprise

Each month is a brand new project that hasn't been seen anywhere on the Project Home DIY website. When you open you open your box the new project is revealed so you'll always look forward to delivery day and the excitement of getting a new project!

All the tools and supplies needed

Every box comes with the exact supplies you need to complete the project successfully. You never have to make trips to the craft supply store ever!

(Some projects will require the use of basic household tools, i.e. hammer, screwdriver, drill, that will not be in the box)

Detailed, easy to follow instructions

Not exactly sure what to do? Your subscription includes video instructions from our in-house DIY pro for FREE as well as printed instructions in each box! Relax and follow step by step to finish your project just like the pros.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my box?

Boxes ship on the first of the month, every month. Order before the 20th of the month and you'll receive your first box the following month around the 1st. Order after the 20th, your box will ship the month after next, unless we have surplus boxes and can ship your box! Ex. Order May 19th-box ships June 1st. Order May 25th- box will ship July 1st (unless supples are available)

What is the return policy?

If an item arrives broken during transit, please email support@projecthomediy.com  as soon as possible and we will mail a replacement out to you immediately! We will happily accept returns for un-used, fully in tact boxes but WIL NOT accept returns for items that have been used. If you begin the project (open paints, paint items, build items etc) and decide to return, we will not accept it as a return. Please contact us with any questions and we are happy to help!

Will I be able to complete the project?

Absolutely! We walk you through the creating process step by step and are here to help you along with way with any questions you may have! After you join, we have an exclusive facebook page you can join to post any questions you may have! You'll receive both video and written instructions for each project! The video instructions are very detailed and include lots of tips and tricks when crafting in general! The written instructions are short and simple and to the point with each step! 

When will I be billed? 

You will be re-billed for your next months box on the same day you signed up. Sign up on the 13th of the month, re-billed the next month on the 13th. 

Will I be notified before I am charged each month?

Yes! You will receive a renewal reminder 2 days before you are re-billed so there are no surprises!

Can I cancel?

When you purchase the monthly box you are able to cancel anytime you want by accessing your online account! Super easy and simple! Last thing we want is for you to continue with a subscription you don't want! We make it easy for you!

What style of projects can I expect?

Our projects will be a rustic, clean farmhouse decor look. You are able to customize any of the projects on your own if you have some extra paint around your house or have a different idea to match your decor. 

What if I don't like the project?

Give it as a gift! Have fun creating it and add it to the gift closet! It will make the perfect last minute minute gift for anyone!!

Are you ready to subscribe to Project Home DIY yet?