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Renews & ships every quarter
Perfectly timed ahead of each holiday

4 Holidays in 1 Box
Includes 10-14 items per holiday

Currently sold out... now what?

Sorry, Quarter 1 has sold out, but Quarter 2 will be available starting March 2nd for purchase and ships April 10th. Sign up below for email or SMS (text message) reminders when Quarter 2 is avaialble!

Sold out... now what?

Quarter 1 box is completely sold out! Quarter 2 box will be available in March. Please sign up below for an email/sms text message reminder when they become available if you would like to purchase. If you subscribed to Quarter 1, you do not need to subscribe again.

Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box
Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box

Holiday Quarterly DIY Decor Box

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Missed out on Q2? You can purchase an extra HERE!
Create elegant & beautiful holiday decor for your tiered tray, hall table or the perfect shelf! DIY Your very own. Each and every piece has been hand crafted and ready for you to put the final touches on it! Just imagine... getting exactly what you want and not having to settle for some store bought, bulk made items!
Q1 Holiday Box Includes:
Valentines, St Patricks, Easter & Spring holiday decor.
Q2 Holiday Box Includes:
Memorial Day, Summer, Birthday, 4th of July
Q3 Holiday Box Includes:
Outdoor Adventure, Fall, Halloween, Kitchen
See below for what holidays are included in other boxes.
This is a quarterly subscription that RENEWS every 3 months for $169.99! Next renewal date will be June 1, 2022. You can cancel before it renews. You will also be sent a billing reminder before it renews.
A short video of tips & tricks to completing some of the items as most process are repeated from holiday to holiday will be included as well as written tips and tricks.
Items are designed for decorating a tiered tray, table top decor, shelf decor etc. Tiered tray IS NOT included.
Does NOT include a Starter Kit!


When does it ship?

Quarterly Boxes ship on the 10th of every quarter of the year.

January 10th

April 10th

July 10th

October 10th

What is included?

4 Holiday themes will be included in each box. Each Holiday will include 10-14 items.

  • Q1- Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Spring
  • Q2- Memorial Day, Birthday, 4th of July, Summer
  • Q3- Fall, Outdoor Adventure, Halloween, TBD
  • Q4- Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, New Years

Is this a subscription?

YES! This holiday quarterly is a subscription box that does renew. Once you subscribe, your subscription will automatically renew every 3 months for the original purchase price. You will receive a billing reminder before you are billed each quarter. You can then cancel if you choose.

Renewal dates

  • December 1st
  • March 1st
  • June 1st
  • September 1st

Can this sell out?

YES! We offer a VERY limited number of quarterly subscriptions. Once a quarter is sold out, you can not purchase until the next quarter is available for purcahse. Once you are subscribed, you are subscribed and will receive a box. If you cancel, you will have to wait until they become available again, if and when they do!

How is this different than the monthly subscription?

The Holiday Quarterly subscription is focused on providing you with holiday DIY decor items. We provide 4 holiays per box and the cost is $169.99. It ships 4x a year and renews 4x a year. The monthly subcription is completely different decor focused on all year round DIY home decor for $49.99 a month. It ships 1x every month, 12x a year. It does not include holiday items, ever. Seasonal, possibly, but never holidays. If you purchase both subscriptions, you will NEVRE get the same items, although they will complement one another for sure! Subscribe today!