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What is Project Home DIY?

If you have ever wanted to craft beautiful Pinterest type home decor projects, but never had the time or the knowledge - Project Home DIY is for you! Project Home DIY is brought to you by Mason Creations, a leading home decor company, so you know the projects will be stunning, excellent quality, and lots of fun to make!Every month our expert crafters create a unique, trendy, and easy to make home decor project, collect all the supplies needed - from paints, stains, cement, string to even a toothpick, pack it all up with easy to follow step-by-step written AND video instructions, and send right to your door, every month!

  • Gone are the days where you pin longingly but never have the time to create. 
  • Gone are the days where you have a project that you want to do but you have no idea how to do it.
  • And finally, no more wandering the craft store trying to find all of the supplies needed for a project.

Project Home DIY has you covered. Not only do you get everything you need, but you aren’t paying for more than you need. Less mess, stress, and hassle. More fun, crafting, and stunning home decor. Your home will be looking great, and these projects also make the perfect gifts for friends and family.

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An exciting surprise

Each month is a brand new project that hasn't been seen anywhere on the Project Home DIY website. When you open you open your box the new project is revealed so you'll always look forward to delivery day and the excitement of getting a new project!

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All the tools and supplies needed

Every box comes with the exact supplies you need to complete the project successfully. You never have to make trips to the craft supply store ever! (Some projects will require the use of basic household tools, i.e. hammer, screwdriver, drill, that will not be in the box)

Detailed, easy to follow instructions

Not exactly sure what to do? Your subscription includes video instructions from our in-house DIY pro for FREE as well as printed instructions in each box! Relax and follow step by step to finish your project just like the pros. Take on the project and put your own spin on it to match your decor perfectly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my box ship?

Boxes ship between the 1st-5th of each month. You will receive tracking information when your box has shipped. 

What is the return policy?

Refunds are not given based on a customers dislike for the project or any other reasoning. If an item arrives broken during transit, please email  as soon as possible and we will mail a replacement out to you immediately! We DO NOT accept returns if you change your mind about a project or don't like it. Please find other ways to utilize the project like gifting it! We can't possibly create a project that EVERYONE will love each month, please be understanding with this. Project Home DIY is NOT  held liable for any damaged clothing, furniture, or any other item in your home while using our products. We are not held responsible for your use of these items while crafting/creating in areas where items can get damaged while wearing good clothing.

When will I be billed?

You will be re-billed for your next months box on the 15th of each month until you skip or cancel your subscription. You will receive a billing reminder 2 days before you are charged so there are no surprises!

Can I cancel?

When you purchase the monthly box you are able to cancel anytime you want by accessing your online account! Super easy and simple! Last thing we want is for you to continue with a subscription you don't want! We make it easy for you!

Can I skip?

On the 13th of the month you'll receive an email letting you know your subscription is about to renew. If you log into your account and skip before your renewal is processed on the 15ht you will skip that months renewal and will not renew until the 15th of the following month. If you skip AFTER your renewal has already processed on the 15th, you will still receive your subscription box the next month. You paid for it, so you will receive it. You MUST skip before the 15th to not receive a box the next month.

Will I be notified before I am charged each month?

Yes! You will receive a renewal reminder 2 days before you are re-billed so there are no surprises!

What style of projects can I expect?

Our projects will be a rustic, clean farmhouse decor look. You are able to customize any of the projects on your own if you have some extra paint around your house or have a different idea to match your decor.

What if I don't like the project?

Give it as a gift! Have fun creating it and add it to the gift closet! It will make the perfect last minute minute gift for anyone!!

What happens when you sell out?

Boxes will sell out each month. When this happens you will have to wait until next month to subscribe (don't wait long and subscribe ASAP!)

My box shipped to the wrong address, now what?

Project Home DIY is NOT responsible for customer inputting wrong address during check out and package being delivered to the wrong address. No refunds will be given If box is returned to Project Home DIY, customer is responsible for covering shipping cost to ship box to correct address.

Will I be able to complete the project?

Absolutely! We walk you through the creating process step by step and are here to help you along with way with any questions you may have! After you join, we have an exclusive facebook page you can join to post any questions you may have! You'll receive both video and written instructions for each project! The video instructions are very detailed and include lots of tips and tricks when crafting in general! The written instructions are short and simple and to the point with each step!